Looking for the Best Natural Fly Spray for Horses?

Well it’s that time again! The Flies and Mosquitoes are in full swing! What are you using to protect your horses from these irritating pests and the diseases they bring? There are a lot of big name fly spray brands and also  new natural horse fly spray brands to accommodate the environmentally conscious horse owners … Read more

Have You Tried the Worming Rotation Horses Do Best On?

Have you tried the Worming Rotation Horses are Proven to do the Best on?   What is the best Equine Worming Rotation Schedule for your horse? As some strains of parasites grow resistant to certain types of wormers, the rotational worming discussion has turned into a full blown debate. In this article we will provide … Read more

Pro Gear: Trevor Brazile Sponsors and Tack

For our first Pro Gear article, who better to feature than the king of the cowboys: Trevor Brazile! When it comes to quality products, you can’t win 8 All-Around Titles without them. So we are going to get you the inside scoop on what Trevor is using to stay on top and defend those All-Around … Read more